• LX Calacatta Taj Crema Jumbo Quartz 3CM
  • Envelop your kitchen in an aura of enchanting elegance with quartz countertops, captivating all who enter with their timeless appeal. Beyond its practical benefits, quartz countertops serve as a focal point in the kitchen, captivating attention and igniting conversation. Guests will be drawn to the exquisite veining and shimmering surface of quartz, marveling at its beauty and elegance. Whether you’re hosting a casual brunch or an intimate dinner party, quartz countertops set the stage for memorable gatherings and cherished moments.

  • 127113
  • 130" x 63" (57sqft)
  • LG246-A38-B2200
  • 3CM (1-1/4 inch)
  • BeigeCream
  • MelbourneOrlandoPompano BeachTampaWest Palm Beach

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