• Calacatta Dolomites Jumbo 3CM Quartz Slab
  • Calacatta Dolomites Jumbo 3CM Quartz Slab. Natural elegance and majestic charm collide in the breathtaking design of Dolomites. Gold and gray veins naturally flow between the tone-on-tone white base, which gives a subtle sense of depth as if viewing Breccia marble. Expressing coolness and warmth at the same time, this inviting color creates an aesthetic resembling the natural and unique look of marble

  • 120461
  • 130" x 63" (57 sqft)
  • LG241- A38-B2200
  • 3CM (1-1/4 inch)
  • Beige
  • MelbourneOrlandoPompano BeachTampaWest Palm Beach

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